The Macro of Microservices

Microservices are an enabler for continuous delivery. It's easy to forget that when the hype seems to be around the (many) technical merits of microservices in their own right. In this talk we'll look at how agile methodologies and a strong feedback loop (as enabled by cloud computing and continuous integration), along with microservices, have a combinatorial effect when taken together. The goal, after all, is to reduce the time between having an idea (a theory!) and validating that theory by getting the code in the hands of customers.

Josh Long 

The Spring Developer Advocate. The author of several books and publications on the Spring framework and the cloud. Have spoken and/or keynoted on four different continents in numerous countries and even more cities on open source, application development, and — particularly — the Spring framework. Work at SpringSource as the Spring Developer Advocate do, or have, contributed to many open source projects including Spring Integration, Spring Batch, the Activiti BPMN2 workflow engine, and many more.