Using Java Microbenchmark Harness (JMH) in a real world project

Many of you have already heard about JMH and probably even played with it to benchmark some code. But how would you use it in a real project? Which problems can it help to solve?

In this talk I would like to share the experience of using JMH library to drive performance optimizations and track performance regressions. You’ll learn how we use JMH, which issues and pitfalls were encountered and overcome along the way.

And since a measurement is not an end in itself, I will show you what can be a result of using the benchmark-driven approach to performance optimizations. The use-cases will demonstrate issues and solutions that helped bring the performance of our project to its next level.

Dmytro Vyazelenko 

Java developer with 10 years of professional experience interested in concurrency, performance and lock-free programming. Since 2008 working in Switzerland at Sowatec AG, where I'm responsible for development of its key framework. I am a Chief Disorganizer for a JCrete unconference.